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We have in-depth experience in data science, data visualization, IoT, advanced mathematics, embedded systems, DSP and telecommunication. We are eager to face new challenges – just bring them on!

Slash Devs has extensive staff, with experts in different IT domains. A key point in our HR policy is the provision of exceptional opportunities for A+ growth and self-actualization.

Slash Devs was founded in 2012. Backed by a rich history and solid traditions, our sincere desire to innovate and help our clients’ businesses became our drivers for success. We have grown dynamically, constantly expanding the range, and raising the quality of our services.

Our company’s success relies on collaboration with clients based on trust and mutual respect, Our systematic approach to any project activity is grounded in our rich experience and deep expertise in modern IT. We endeavor to work so that each client, regardless of their order size, becomes our long-term partner.

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We take care of the recruitment, professional growth, and performance of your skilled team or individuals, while you retain full control over your app development lifecycle

Why you should hire remote developers from Ukraine

In the last few years, dedicated work has become more popular. Even the Tech Giants attract staff from different parts of the world and delegate the largest projects to the outsource.


There are a few reasons why that happens. Electronic technology made it real for each developer to have a powerful enough personal computer to be able to work remotely from home, and communication along with file sharing turned so high level to be able to compensate personal interaction among staff that had been working at the office earlier.

Pandemic issues have made the whole situation clearer. In a way during personal isolation workers could work from home most of the time, and randomly work at the office every once in a while, while at pandemic times there was no other option for them, other than work remotely. Even after the pandemic was over, companies did not rush teams to go back to office work, since the companies could see quite a bunch of advantages in remote work.


Why you better
hire a remote developer

This type of work is a mutual advantage for all the participants - both for company, and for workers. First of all, we will name the advantages for the employers:

Elimination of the expense, that has to do with office. That includes rental cost, utility and facility cost, cafe/buffet cost as well.

Wider range of developers. At a search of the remote developers, the search limit is not cut down to local geography. You have full access in finding talented developers from all over the world.

Production growth. The “Statistia” research claims around 60% respondents say that dedicated work beneficially influences the developers’ production raise.

Workers’ advantages

This type of work is a mutual advantage for all the participants - both for company, and for workers. First of all, we will name the advantages for the employers:

Suitable work schedule and good environment. In reference to Buffer statistics, major part of tech developers that work remotely, say that they prefer to work from home, in a convenient environment, being also able to choose their own work schedule.

Economy. Not many workers are lucky to live close to the office. Most of the time, workers have to spend long hours to make it to work, or move their home by renting a place near the office. Both options require additional expense, while the first situation adds up spending much more time for transportation. Dedicated work gives a chance to completely eliminate the above mentioned disadvantages.

Again, raising the productivity level. Remote workers also point out another advantage, that working in good environment helps them focus on target tasks, which means both work more efficiently and get more specific knowledge.

Well, now we found out why companies switch from financing large offices to remote work. Although, even this beneficial model would have its disadvantages

Difficulties in
hiring remote developers

First of all, the difficulties concern the employers. Everything starts with the remote developer search and hiring them. That is a much more complex process, that requires a lot more human resource than a normal interview at the office.

You have to make your website ad look absolutely detailed and precise, then filter a big amount of inquiries from self-confident persons until you be able to set up virtual appointments with real candidates. If a person is not completely sure in their skills, there is a weak chance they would respond to the vacancy ad, because that would imply the step of personal interview in any case. With dedicated work, candidates often count on so-called “blind luck”.
Distance is another obstacle on the way to complete the interview and skills record. Moreover, teaching/getting the specialist caught up with tasks turns almost impossible without supervision.
Besides that, developers from different parts of the world could have complications collaborating for totally banal reasons, such as time difference, or the cultural traditions. Despite the advantages of modern tech, people still have issues to maintain perfect communication by an online chat alone.
Misinterpretations between boss and staff, or between workers, can end up in overrun of the project budget, because each and every task will take much more time versus office team work. Generally, it is not easy to hire dedicated remote developers without personal touch. The above mentioned complications are significant enough, although the wise approach in choosing the contractor helps reduce the risks.

Remote developers
from Ukraine

To eliminate the above mentioned problems while hiring remote developers, working with developers from Ukraine could be a great solution. As for the price/quality ratio, Ukraine currently holds the top position amongst western developers. Ukrainian developers are well trained, although they ask for much lower salary, than their colleagues from Western Europe and USA.

Ukraine research and achievements in the technical field has a very rich chronology, yet, the new generation of developers keeps on following this tradition until now. Every graduate has deep knowledge of both math and physics due to the large number of the great Technical institutes/schools in Ukraine.

Ukrainian universities have high standards and requirements for their students, thanks to which the graduates know how to write both clean and optimized code that is also overload-free. Such experts perfectly match complex software making projects that require the narrow approach.

The most successful solution will be to hire a few to a whole team of developers from Ukraine. That will guarantee much better communication and mutual understanding within the team/with the investor (for there is no big time difference between western Europe countries).


Remote work is not just another trend of the industry. Remote work set up the New Age, which naturally came from technology and communication development. The above described model is not perfect yet, it still has its problems. Although the right business approach is the right way to increase productivity and minimize the issues.

This is exactly what SlashDevs works for, inter alia, provide quality and modern project approach that is free of extra cost, and maximum beneficial for investors. Make a choice into the future now, and it will start to pay off in the short term.

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